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Need custom audio for your game? COMMISSION US!

Our MEGAPACK offers huge value with an over 50% discount compared with the price of buying the included Audimus packs individually ($215 total).

In our MEGAPACK we bundle our first 10 asset packs into one huge collection of ready-made professional game music. With a total of 132 tracks and over 3.5 hours of music, this music bundle includes 10 packs with 10+ tracks each of genre-specific music that loops seamlessly in game. Whatever the style and aesthetic of your game, our vast range of tracks will cover all of your bases!

At Audimus we are committed to creating top quality tracks tailor-made for video games. Across our individual products, we bring the high standard of professional game audio production to ready-made, stylistically-cohesive music asset packs.

Listen now to the packs included in our MEGAPACK:

- REALM: Orchestral Fantasy

- MEAD: Medieval Fantasy

- NOVA: Ambient Sci-Fi

- JUN: Japanese Metal

- NEON: Totally Rad Synthwave

- FELT: Intimate Piano and Strings

- STRIKE: Modern Action

- DARK: Chilling Horror

- DEX: Hip-Hop Grooves

- RETRODRIVE: Classic 16-Bit


  • 132 unique compositions
  • Fixed tempos
  • Looping versions of each track
  • Royalty-free

Documentation: MEGAPACK PDF


Buy Now$100.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $100 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Audimus Game Music Collection - MEGAPACK


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Deleted 204 days ago

Hello! Please could you email us at audimusmusic@gmail.com?

but this pack was free before, why is it paid now?


Our MEGAPACK has always been a paid product. You may be thinking of REALM Lite - our free sampler pack for REALM, our orchestral fantasy pack. Cheers!

WoW thanks for your request

Hello, you included in your bundle of 13 packs bundle this megapack which contains 10 of the 13 packs...

(1 edit)

Edit: Hello again! itch.io provides developers with the option to set a custom price for buy all. As buy all does not allow us to exclude individual packs, the buy all option inevitably includes our Megapack, as well as the individual packs included in the Megapack (along with our three most recent individual packs).

The overall price to purchase our Megapack along with our three most recent packs is $45, which is reflected in the custom price we have set for the buy all option. Happy New Year!

I understand, thanks for the explanation, Happy New Year